‘Sebi merger to help curb manipulation’

‘Sebi merger to help curb manipulation’
Shrimi Choudhary and Tarun Sharma
25 September 2015

The commodities regulator Forward Markets Commission (FMC) will be history soon and the market will have its new modern and autonomous regulator in Securities Exchange Board of India (Sebi) next week. The last chairman of FMC, Ramesh Abhishek says the merger will bring more certainty and transparency in the entire commodity space. In an interview with Shrimi Choudhary and Tarun Sharma, he said the market would see more new products and participants, thanks to the collaboration. Continue reading

Daewoo E&C fined W2 bil. for accounting fraud

Daewoo E&C fined W2 bil. for accounting fraud
24 September 2015
By Kim Jae-won

The securities regulator said Thursday that it fined Daewoo E&C 2 billion for allegedly committing accounting fraud by not reflecting expected losses worth more than 1 trillion won in its financial statements. Continue reading