SEC Distressed Asian Company Watch List with Going-Concern Opinion + Earnings Manipulation in Failing Firms

Distressed Company Watch List; See which companies have recently indicated doubt about continuing as going concerns in SEC filings

By Allison Collins, 3 February 2015

Companies                                      Description

ACL Semiconductors Inc.                        Hong Kong-based ACL Semiconductors Inc. manufactures dynamic random access memory products for computers, digital cameras and other products

ADGS Advisory Inc.                             ADGS is a Hong Kong-based accounting and advisory firm

Amaru Inc.                                     Amaru, headquartered in Singapore, provides interactive entertainment on demand through its subsidiaries

American Nano Silicon Technologies Inc.        American Nano is a Sichuan, China-based nano-technology chemical manufacturer

China Ginseng Holdings Inc.                    Changchun City, China-based China Ginseng farms, processes and distributes ginseng

China Shianyun Group Corp. Ltd.                China Shianyun, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, makes and sells consumer goods, including teas, liquors, meal replacement products, eggs and cured meats

China Teletech Holding Inc.                    Tallahassee, Fla.-based China Teletech provides telecommunications services in China

Cleantech Innovations Inc.                     China-based Cleantech Innovations manufactures structural towers for wind turbines

Comjoyful International Co.                    Beijing, China-based Comjoyful is a holding company

Cord Blood America Inc.                        Cord Blood, headquartered in Las Vegas, provides private cord blood and cord tissue stem cell storage

Fuwei Films (Holdings) Co. Ltd.                Weifang Shandong, China-based Fuwei makes plastic film used for packaging and other uses

Leo Motors Inc.                                Leo Motors is a Korean company that manufactures electric vehicles

Network CN Inc.                                Hong Kong-based Network CN is an advertising company

Suwin Stevia International Inc.                Shandong, China-based Sunwin sells stevioside, a natural sweetener, and herbs used in Chinese medicines and veterinary products

Tongji Healthcare Group Inc.                   Guangxi, China-based Tongji Healthcare operates a hospital in China

Usmart Mobile Device Inc.                      Kowloon, Hong Kong-based Usmart makes memory technology products

Company Watch List has indicated in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the previous 12 months doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern. A company can be removed from the list if it is acquired, if it files for bankruptcy protection or if it indicates a change in status.

Earnings Manipulation in Failing Firms


Contemporary Accounting Research. Summer2003, Vol. 20 Issue 2, p361-408. 48p. 2 Diagrams, 10 Charts.


Prior literature and anecdotal evidence, most recently provided by allegations relative to Enron, Global Crossing, and WorldCom, suggest that failing firms (defined here as prebankruptcy firms) may be motivated to engage in fraudulent financial reporting to conceal their distress. I examine two research questions: (1) Are failing firms’ prebankruptcy financial statements more likely to exhibit signs of material income increasing earnings manipulation than those of nonfailing firms? (2) Do auditors detect the overstatements in firms that they perceive to be failing? I predict and find that as (ex post) bankrupt firms that do not (ex ante) appear to be distressed approach bankruptcy, their financial statements reflect significantly greater material income-increasing accrual magnitudes in nongoing-concern years than do control firms. The accrual behavior of these firms resembles that of bankrupt firms that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has sanctioned for fraud. Like sanctioned firms, the nonstressed bankrupt firms display significantly greater (material) increases in receivables; inventory; property, plant, and equipment; sales; net working capital, current, and discretionary accruals in prebankruptcy nongoing-concern years than do control firms. They also display significantly more negative changes in cash flows from operations and net cash and a greater disparity between accrual-based net income and operating cash flows than do control firms, consistent with Lee, Ingram, and Howard 1999. Finally, I predict and find that these firms’ going-concern years reflect evidence consistent with auditor-prompted reversal of previous overstatements. These results are based on parametric and nonparametric tests for various subsample combinations drawn from a sample of 293 bankrupt firms representing approximately 2,500 observation


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