Sound Global (967 HK): Auditors Identified Audit Issues of Missing RMB2bn Cash Shortfall and Reported Matters to Ministry of Finance in Singapore

(967) Sound Global: Sound Global Ltd announced that its auditors, during its course of audit work, have identified Potential Audit Issues (the Matters), which refer to a shortfall of or about RMB2 bn between Sound Global’s cash balances at bank and that on Sound Global’s books as at 31 December 2014. The auditors have reported the Matters to the Ministry of Finance in Singapore. To ascertain the facts and the nature of the Matters, Sound Global’s independent review committee (the IRC) will engage an independent professional firm with competent experience and expertise in corporate investigations (the Reviewer) for the review of the Matters. It i s expected that the engagement of the Reviewer will be confirmed by early next week and the first draft of the report on the findings of the review will be available around mid-May 2015


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