Stock manipulation: India’s Twentyfirst Century Management Services

Stock manipulation: Twentyfirst Century Management Services

2 April 2015


The stock price of Twentyfirst Century Management Services is up 926%. The stock averages just about 75 trades a day, with an average daily turnover of only Rs6 lakh

Twentyfirst Century Management Services (TCMS) is apparently engaged in trading and investment in Indian capital markets. In 1998, its registration as a merchant banker was revoked for not exercising due diligence. In 2008, TCMS was suspended from trading due to non-compliance with the listing agreement. TCMS cites poor market conditions for its poor financial performance in the past few years. Because of low retail participation, TCMS withdrew the broking services offered by its subsidiary Twentyfirst Century Shares and Securities and surrendered the trading membership of the NSE. It reported marginal revenues and a net loss in past few years. But, suddenly, over the past few quarters, its fortunes changed. For four quarters ended December 2014, it generated revenues of Rs19.35 crore while net profit amounted to Rs14.87 crore. The stock price is up 926% to Rs39 (on 20 March 2015) from Rs3.80 on 19 March 2014. The stock averages just about 75 trades a day, with an average daily turnover of only Rs6 lakh. Not suspicious enough for the regulator, despite the stock’s vertical trajectory?


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