Noble accounting saga: It’s the message that counts, not the messenger; Michael Dee: Due to the PwC conflict and the review committee’s complete and total conflict of interest, this process should be shut down and disbanded. The SGX has again let down investors by “welcoming” Noble’s conflicted insider and completely misnamed “independent” committee.

Noble accounting saga: It’s the message that counts, not the messenger

28 July 2015

Business Times Singapore

MS Christie Loh (“Iceberg does not deserve the legitimacy it is being given”, BT, July 23) displays an unhealthy trait of shooting the messenger. In criticising all and sundry for writing about the accounting and corporate governance issues in Noble Group, she did not offer any evidence to refute what has been said about Noble. One may question her motivation for her missive against Noble’s critics. Continue reading


Shanghai-HK Connect program eliminates Hanergy

Shanghai-HK Connect program eliminates Hanergy

By Huang Ge Source:Global Times Published: 2015-7-27 23:23:01

Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, a solar-power technology company, was removed from the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program, not long after it was eliminated from the Hang Seng Index, news portal reported on Monday. Continue reading