Woof-woof: Auditing companies to get an international watchdog – by 2017


Woof-woof: Auditing companies to get an international watchdog

16 January 2015

Nikkei Report

TOKYO — Financial authorities of 51 nations and regions in the West, Asia and Middle East are planning to set up an organization to supervise auditing corporations by 2017. The authorities hope that reinforced supervision will ensure confidence in auditors. Distrust in auditing firms has been mounting since 2001, when U.S. energy giant Enron suddenly went belly up. A series of accounting fraud scandals has followed. Continue reading


[Flashback] Hong Kong banks caught up in ‘boiler room’ money laundering schemes


Posted by Sean CHUA Kian Shun, Year 4 undergrad at the School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University

Thailand and Philippines based “boiler rooms” laundered cash worth hundreds of millions of US dollars through Hong Kong’s banking system over the past decade, according to incriminating documents released online by aggrieved investors now angling for financial settlements with boiler room kingpins – and the banks that helped them. Continue reading