Getting Fugitives Back to China ‘Requires Better Evidence-Collecting Skills’; Money recouped from fugitives totaled more than 3 billion yuan in 2014

03.20.2015 18:20

Getting Fugitives Back to China ‘Requires Better Evidence-Collecting Skills’

Government must improve its ability to conduct investigations in order to convince countries to hand over corrupt officials who fled, legal expert says

By staff reporter Sun Wenjing

(Beijing) – China is taking its fight against corruption beyond its borders in a bid to make more of its fugitives answer for their crimes, but a professor of international criminal law says these efforts will test its ability to collect evidence and coordinate different departments. The Ministry of Public Security announced a campaign in July that it dubbed Fox Hunt 2014, which is aimed at catching people suspected of committing economic crimes. In January, the ministry said the six-month campaign netted 680 criminals from 69 countries. Continue reading